Car Hire Menorca

Various companies provide rental cars on Menorca. Here are our tried and tested.

Two aggregate websites provide a good price comparison.

Zest Car Rental are very easy to use, have good customer service and provide cheap collision cover so rental companies’ expensive insurance isn’t required. This cover is very useful, as shown here.

Zest allows pre-payment and there are no surprises when picking up car. See individual companies below. The descriptions for picking up the car are clear and helpful. They mention operating hours to ensure you don’t pay extra for a late pick-up or miss the shuttles from the airport. You can also pre-book road tolls and SatNavs for mainland Europe (no tolls in Menorca).

Airport Rentals are a good price comparison site. Tried, tested and helpful, they don’t provide cover and usually you pay on pick-up. This is an older site than Zest.

Airport rentals stepped in when Goldcar tried to charge for pre-existing damage and pre-paid petrol resulting in a refund. However information such as being able to pay for fast stream pick up from OK! Car Rental was not provided in advance. This simply secures the car for a small deposit and provides a good choice of the best deals.

Car Hire Firms

Owners Cars have an efficient queuing system. Take your number as soon as you arrive. The shuttles run until 10pm then pick-ups after than cost an extra 35 Euros. Honest and professional.

OK Car Rental. Great cars: new and with sat nav included. Sometimes short staffed on return. Best booked on price comparison sites above.

Well known for their prices for basic cars. Good for short stay and can be hired at airport on arrival.

Used in UK, not Menorca, and they are good for bigger, commercial vehicles including vans. Also do car rental from Menorca airport.

Avoid Rhodium or Goldcar. They had car marked with dents then sneakily sent email “Dear Customer, here is something that may be of interest” with a 640 Euro bill attached to remove dents and repay petrol. After a long fight, with help from Airport Rentals and Lloyds Bank they repaid the money taken from credit card but no compensation for the hassle. They apologised. Best avoided and they have very bad press. Bought by French company Europcar since but still complaints are on the rise according to Which?