Special catering

Snails with spider crabs

A caterer comes recommended by guests and people who live in the area. If you would like a special meal or various meals cooked for your party while you are staying Santa Monica, please get in touch with Sandi Dallison at sandidallison@telefonica.net

Guest Testimonial for Sandi Dallison’s catering:

On the culinary front, right at the last moment before departing on holiday, the artist Graham Byfield recommended the most wonderful caterer, Sandi Dallison.   She produced six magnificent main courses for us.   We would highly recommend her to your future holiday clients.

– Valentine Furniss

Aubergine in the oven (contains meat)

Here are some typical Menorcan recipes to try in the kitchen of Santa Monica or ask a local caterer to prepare for you.

To sample Menorcan cuisine, see the recently updated restaurant guide on this website.

Menorcan restaurants are renowned for their Menu Del Dia, which represents Menorcan specials in season – mostly celebrating local produce – and very good value for a balanced 3 course meal.