Original Menorcan dishes are still served in some restaurants, while new styles for a range of different food preferences have appeared. A selection of restaurants on the island can be found below on this page.

Menorcan style stuffed aubergine
Menorcan style stuffed aubergine
Excavated and labelled in 2018, the Santa Monica talayot shows signs of settlement as far back as 1600 BC.

Although the island is known for its local meat, a favourite local dish is stuffed aubergine. Evidence has been found showing how cheeses have been made in Menorca for 3,000 years and Santa Monica originally had its own cheese room attached to the house with presses still intact. Since the Santa Monica Talayot has been excavated in 2018, archeologists have discovered that people first settled around Santa Monica up to 1,600 BC and the fertility in the area – with olive, almond, prickly pear, figs, grapes and other fruit, plus a rock free patch near the talayot that we used to cultivate peppers, onions, tomatoes, aubergines, melons and other vegetables in the 1980s and 1990s – shows how Santa Monica may have suited early settlers.

A wide variety of cheeses, named after where they are made, are still sold on the island and used in restaurant cuisine. One dish, a cheese souffle created at S’Engolidor in Es Migjorn Gran, is Greixera, made with local cheese.

Found over three decades of family holidays in Santa Monica, here are some favourite places to eat on the island:



With fabulous views of the terraced fields on the north west side of Es Migjorn Gran, S’Engolidor, originally known as Number 58, appeared in the early 80s and has expanded into a bed and breakfast and sophisticated restaurant. S’Engolidor has innovative menu, which still respects well-known favourites such as Greixera, plus new combinations of crab, snail, chicken, anchovies, prawns as well as vegetarian dishes with rice, aubergine, courgette, asparagus and leak. They have a menu of very high quality wines.

Tel: +34 971 37 01 93

Address: Calle Major, 3. 07749 Es Migjorn Gran.


S’Amarador – Ciutadella

A typical Menorcan restaurant now rests on the site of a typical tapas bar in the port of Ciutadella, offering a menu of Menorcan produce and Spanish favourites including Paella. The Menu Del Dia – a Menorcan gem in its best restaurants – provides a selection of local cuisine that the restaurant actually wants to show off. The peppers were stuffed with seafood, plus there were mussels in garlic and other delicious starters, followed by Hake, which came out in batter looking like a Menorcan fish and chips. Puddings on the set menu included a chocolate coulant, which was a mouse and delicious. The menu has a selection of salads, meats and seafood but Menorcan restaurants are not known for the their vegetarian or vegan options. However much of the produce of all types is derived locally, which is an ultimate consideration for any real foodie.


Port de Ciutadella

+34 971 38 35 24

Es Bruc (Sud)

sunset-beach-san-adeodatoThe local beach bar on San Adeodato, Santa Monica’s nearest beach, has been known for its simple, honest dishes for many decades. Favourites include Sole Squid and Chips, Steak Egg and Chips, Calamare, the Es Bruc Salad, which alas will never be as spectacular or beautifully presented as it was in the eighties, but retains its popular ingredients and some huge sizzling steak dishes for very hungry people.

Perhaps not expected in a beach bar, Es Bruc has a high quality selection of wines including some Spanish Riojas such as Marques de Riscal.

Bar Chic – Restaurante Can Toni – Es Migjorn Gran

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-14-16-52 Located in the centre of Es Migjorn Gran, almost on the main square, Bar Chic has been a central social hub since its appeared in the late 1980s. Before Ibiza took over the Balearic clubbing scene, Chic was the starting point of the big night out, when carloads of young people staying near Es Migjorn Gran would meet for a drink before heading to one of the island’s hot spots. Now it is a restaurant catering for holiday-makers and locals looking for a contemporary twist on Menorcan cuisine and reviews online show people are not disappointed by Toni’s menu. With views of the sunset not to be wasted, the turf laid lawns and paved gardens dotted with impressive palm trees makes chic al fresco dining.

Bar Peri – Es Migjorn Gran
Bar Peri in July 2016
Bar Peri in July 2016
On a Tuesday night when a street market spreads around the streets of the village, tables and chairs will spill out of Bar Peri to almost fill the square, leaving room for a roundabout and a stall for fresh bakeries. Bar Peri have served tapas since 1948 and  their menu continues well-loved classics; Spanish omelette, patatas bravas, meat balls in almond or tomato source as well as generous pieces of white fish with a sweet sauce, crepes, stuffed aubergine and vegetarian cannelloni.  The annual fiesta is centred around the village’s main square, where the increasingly famous Es Migjorn band will play classic fiesta dance tunes and brassy funky carnival music on its home turf.
Address: Carrer Sa Plaça, 1, 07749 Es Migjorn Migjorn Gran, Illes Balears, Spain

Ca’n Pilar  -Es Migjorn Gran

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-14-32-54With the ideal address for any restaurant, C’an Pilar is the place to go for beautifully presented food and of course great flavour. Their lamb main course is renowned and, with locally sourced ingredients providing a unique taste of Menorcan cuisine, the chef Víctor Lidón confidently provides food that is delicious to eat after admiring how damned artistically it has been laid out on the plate. At least now you can photograph your food and it can survive for posterity online.
Address: Av. de la Mar, 1, 07749 Es Migjorn Gran, Illes Balears, Spain

En Caragol – Cala Biniancolla
Click on the picture for a regular Menorca-goer's perspective
Click on the picture for a regular Menorca-goer’s perspective
This is a French-owned seafood restaurant situated on the rocks with great views out to sea. En Caragol is known for its friendly service and is open for lunches and dinner all year round. The menu has seafood classics from fish of the day, mussels, clams, prawns, calamari and other seasonal catches, now that seafood is sourced locally whenever possible. Mussels often come from Mahon harbour. Non-seafood eaters can always rely on a Menorca salad, which is much more than just a salad.
Address: Cala Biniancolla, Carrer de s’Oronella, 45, 07710 Sant Lluís.

Phone: +33 629 165089 / +33 669 46 03 11


El Mirador – Galdana

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-13-31-02Perched on the rocky edges of Cala Galdana, with caves delving through to views the other side, El Mirador is in a fantastic location and fish can be seen swimming at night lit by the restaurant lights.  They specialise in high-end Spanish and Menorcan classics, paella and other rice dishes, seafood and a selection of high quality, locally sourced meats. To reach Galdana, there is a large roundabout on the Ciutadella side of Ferrerias, with a sign post to Galdana.

Address: Cala Galdana, Ferreries.
Phone: +34 971 15 45 03

C’an Olga – Es Mercedal

A previous menu for C'an Olga
A previous menu for C’an Olga

Considered a bit of an institution on the island, C’an Olga has achieved longevity and continues to delight diners with its locally sourced Menorcan specialties and honest fare. The menu stretches from a vegetarian option of ricotta and spinach ravioli in a tomato source, through various seafood such as mussels, through to some serious meats including lamb, steak and pork. C’an Olga is a special place that won unadventurous diners over to snails in the late 1980s, which is still very reasonably priced with friendly local service. There is no website, so booking best done on the phone.

Address: Pont de Na Macarrana, s/n, 07740 Es Mercadal, Islas Baleares, Spain

Ses Puiedra des Pujol – Torret


Sa Pedrera Des Pujol started in 1969 when Daniel Mora met Nuria Pendás who split their year between Asturias and Menorca, where Daniel’s native Menorcan mother instills him with her kitchen skills. The pair met through their work in the tourism industry at the time that Daniel was completing his chef training, following his Gastronomy qualification taken in Gijon. In 2003 Nuria and Daniel bought the current restaurant in the Menorcan village of Torret, which retains its charm while being modernised and upgraded. The restaurant is in the Michelin Guide.
Camí des Pujol, 14, 07711 Sant Lluis
Phone: 971 15 07 17

Pan y Vino – Sant Luis

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-13-29-39Run by Patrick and Noelia, this popular restaurant gets booked up in high season. It is open all year round except December and January. They like to use seasonal, locally sourced produce and combine Spanish classics with some French cuisine values and a sprinkling of English. They are famous for their amuse bouche selection including deep fried Camembert and black pudding spring roles. The setting is romantic with candle lights and peaceful in a delightful setting. Expect simple but innovative ideas with favourite ingredients made for taste with good presentation and freshly baked bread.

Click here for directions on their website.

Address: Camí de la Coixa, 3 Torret, Sant Lluis

Phone: +34 971 15 02 01

Cercle Artistic de Ciutadella

The sunset can be enjoyed from the Cercle Artistic
The sunset can be enjoyed from the Cercle Artistic

Away from the beaten track, up above the restaurants in the port of Ciutadella, high atop the city walls is a cafe with an individually unpretentious menu with a mixture of descriptions (pictures and lists of ingredients) of bocadillos, cheese and ham plates, calamares, Spanish omlette, olives and other tapas dishes and snacks. The Cercle des Arts is a simple cafe with chilled soft drinks in the fridge, expresso coffee, beers on tap and a fantastic view of the entire port of Cuitadella below. It is on the main square next door to Burger King, which makes up for its food with roof top views.

Address: Plaza Des Born, 19, 07760 Ciutadella

Cafeteria El Arco – Ciutadella


To rest weary legs, set down your bags and enjoy a drink after a late afternoon amble round the shops, El Arco has survived the decades and serves tapas and Spanish menu staples, coffees or ice creams.

Address: Plaça Nova, 17, 07760 Ciutadella

La Bahia – Fornells

Recently renovated typical local and down to earth place to eat in Fornells, with views of the pier and the port is La Bahia, with a menu including pizzas, hamburgers, seafood, salads and pasta, with a selection of drinks including cocktails such as a mohito. It has expanded due to popularity with more tables near the port on the other side of the road and has friendly service and generous portions. It opens for lunch and then again at 6 for dinner and serves a swordfish steak, a very generous burger and chips and a seafood pizza.

This cafe in Fornells, near the harbour wall, does very reasonably priced generous portions for a quick stop while you shop.
This cafe in Fornells, near the harbour wall, does very reasonably priced generous portions for a quick stop while you shop.

La Bahia

Plaça del Forn,

1, 07748 Fornells

+34 971 37 67 53

Cova d’en Xoroi – Cala en Porter

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-14-55-30In the 1980s, Menorca night life was booming with dance venues dotted around the island as well as in Mahon and Ciutadella. Favouring caves, Latin beats were popular as Ibiza was still in high school, with live instruments playing over DJ music, popular UK hits as well as house and other emerging electronic genres.

One night club has lasted the test of time, while Pacha and Space have come and gone, while live jazz is still popular on the island. Foam parties took place regularly in Menorca, so clubbers could go out in their beach wear at night and dance slinkily in the foam, which spilled over the ledge into the Mediterranean Sea.

Open in the daytime with a shop, a bar with drinks and food and spectacular views, Cova d’en Xoroi has stayed high up in the Best Club charts in DJ magazines. With the ledge high up in the rock looking out from Calan Porter, with its own large car park, visitors can explore the ancient caves in daylight or rave on at night.

There is an entry fee for day visitors and clubbers, with a shop selling souvenirs and a range of music CDs, taken from live ambient and lounge music, down-tempo and guitar sessions in the venue and then there is DJ music into the wee hours.

Address: Carrer de Sa Cova nº 2 07730 – Cala en Porter
Phone: +34 971 377 236
Click here for website

Very sad to see Bar Roma in the Port of Mahon close this year. They did the best pizzas. so as a tribute, here is my review of when it was last open in 2016.

Restaurante Pizzeria Roma – Port Mahon

sadly this restaurant is no more. However I will update with lots of new great places to eat soon.
Another Menorcan restaurant with a longstanding proprietor, Bar Roma is known for its pizzas, including the Balear with Menorca’s own Sobrassada sausage and other local and Italian varieties, Bar Roma has maintained the mixed salads Menorca is famed for and a variety of honest, locally sourced main courses, vegetarian dishes including the local speciality of stuffed aubergines and the still-available ice creams that have adapted with the times since their innovation on the island in the 1970s.
Address: Marina de Torret, Carrer Moll de Llevant, 295, 07701 Mahon
Website: Click here.