Taking Luggage on Airlines To Menorca

As airlines become ever more competitive, enticing customers in with super cheap flights and charging more for suitcases to go on holiday than actual people, it is good to know how best to pack for your airline while ensuring you are still able to bring things home from your holiday if you want to.

It was very sad this year to see shops in Menorca that I had known for 38 years go into liquidation and finding out how baggage restrictions effect the shops at your holiday destination has proven to be totally unfruitful. No one is talking about how baggage allowances are effecting tourist shopping on holiday yet.

Here is a simple guide to navigating your chosen airline’s luggage quirks to take what you want to Menorca and bring home souvenirs such as the Xoriguer gin or the typical Menorca sandals. Menorca is also a great place to shop for presents.

Hand Luggage

Here is a link to Skyscanner’s guide to hand luggage weight restrictions. I am not sure how up to date this is, so will look more into BA to see what short haul flight restrictions apply if they do. This webpage has not been updated recently, it seems.

These are the airlines that fly to Menorca:


There are also flights to Menorca from Alicante and Barcelona provided by Vueling and Iberia/Air Norstrum. They both allow a small bag (hand bag/ruck sack) and a standard sized 55x40x20cm cabin bag.

TUI, who fly direct to Menorca from Exeter airport, have re-aligned their luggage allowance back to 10KG for the 55 x 40 x 20cm standard cabin luggage sized bag.

Weight restriction on cabin bags

It seems as if airlines have now been put under pressure to align their hand luggage allowances to 10KG after a tight squeeze in 2018 with the size 55x40x20cm except for Ryanair who allow a smaller size without a £6 upgrade. Their “priority” label is confusing, however they do an inclusive seat and hand luggage upgrade with “priority” boarding.

This means, to get around a weight restriction on a wheeled bag:

  • Use a ruck sack as your cabin bag. They do not weigh ruck sacks or handbags, just wheeled bags. Here are some options.
  • Wear as much luggage as possible. Here is a review of wearable luggage items. There are jackets with oversized pockets for myriad devices on the market, but I’m sure you already wear your heaviest clothing when traveling to or from the United Kingdom!
  • Ryanair allow you to take two bags into cabin if you pay £6 priority boarding or put you small suitcase in the hold for free. Easyjet have no weight restriction, just 55x40x20cm size.

Liquids in cabin bags

  • Airports are now enforcing a restriction on 100ml liquids in hand luggage so taking essentials in small bottles is of benefit. Perhaps take sample perfumes, travel toothpaste and Boots sell 100ml bottles for contact lense solution etc.
  • Pharmacies are being strategically placed in departure lounges, so if you are taking hand luggage only, make sure what liquids you carry through security can fit in one 20cm x 20cm bag. Best to restrict what you carry in hand luggage to items you cannot replace easily.
  • Bring doctor’s prescriptions for medications so they cannot be taken from you. They can be over 100ml but must be shownwith proof of requirement when going through security. Here’s a handy guide.
  • Take items to use up on holiday, leaving space to bring souvenirs home.

Bringing souvenirs home and shopping on holiday.

Gin in Menorca plus its contemporaries.
Tasting in the Xoriguer gin factory in Mahon. A variety of locally produced items on sale in large and miniature bottles.

Even if we manage to get all our holiday essentials to our destinations with us, what about bringing things home? Menorca is fantastic for finding presents including home ornaments, unique sandals (now sold in the UK) alcohol (Xoriguer gin, pomada, Herbes of Menorca etc), local cheeses, olive oils, , tobacco and ceramics, clothing and woven items are all popular.

  • Airlines are very tricky about booking additional cases for just one leg of the journey.
  • Only one hold bag is allowed per person. Therefore if you are traveling with others, it is good to bring one hold bag each that can fit in 20KG of contents.
  • The weight restrictions vary slightly but the additional costs are much more at the airport. Portable scales are light and very useful.
  • It seems that one bag of purchases at the airport per person is allowed. Therefore bringing what you can home in your suitcase is the best bet.



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