Getting to Menorca

With a growing swarm of low-cost airlines flying to Menorca and since the demise of better quality ones such as Monarch, here is a guide to flights and aggregate sites that find the best deals for you. seems to be the best at the moment.

The first thing to note is how airlines are working together or, more likely, passengers can pick a different airline for each journey. For instance, from Stansted you can fly out with Easyjet and return with British Airways.

These days, there are flights from all major airports via Easyjet, Tui, Thomas Cook, British Airways, Jet2 and Norwegian Airlines. Ryanair fly from Nottingham/East Midlands to Menorca.

Here is a quick guide to which airlines fly from which airport on the Menorca Private Owners website. However, Norwegian Air fly from Gatwick with very good basic flight rates and the usual baggage restrictions. That is the subject of the next blog.

The Telegraph do a guide to Getting To Menorca, with a list of the main airlines, links and telephone numbers.

Conde Naste Traveller – no mention of shops closing down.

Meanwhile, here is a good place to start finding the best price flights.

To save time, here is a good place to find the right car for your holiday. Plus a way to avoid those costly excess insurance fees.




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